Boys Book Club

Changing the lives of young men in Philadelphia

Lenora Thompson is a life time resident of Philadelphia, and as a parent, educator, and church leader, she has been a community activist throughout her adult life.  Just under five years ago, a behavioral incident at an afterschool program where she was working as a program assessment consultant, caused her to intervene with a young man who was fighting with his peers. The incident eventually resulted in her connecting with ten African-American young men who currently meet together for “The Boys’ Book Club”.  

Our founder


It is hard to believe that these “boys” are now in their mid to late teen years.  It is also hard to believe that they are still reading and submitting monthly book reports. Anyone who knows Lenora well realizes that she loves these boys as if they were her own.  She never allows work commitments to interfere with her obligations to them. There is no question that she has made a huge difference in their lives and that she has been a game changer in the Philadelphia community. 

boys book club

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